Healing into Health offers hands-on Holistic Healing sessions, Constellations Therapy and Creative Arts Therapy for adults and children.


Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing is a hands on healing method that works with the body as a whole energy system,based on the ancient Indian holistic chakra system.

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Creative Arts

Creative Arts Therapy uses a variety of art forms including drama, movement, creative play, art and music, as tools of emotional expression.

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Constellations are a powerful way of moving towards resolution for difficult issues or helping to make change happen.                 

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Creative Coaching

A creative, supportive approach to helping clients release potential, shift blocks and bring creative endeavours and other projects to fruition.

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Group Facilitation

Facilitation available for all kinds of creative or therapeutic groups in myriad settings, such as training and business, educational, gender-based, community projects & more.

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